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Vassar Brothers Medical Center Project


This project was used using Vapor Lock 20/20.
Click on the link to learn more about Vapor Lock 20/20.  

Here are some pictures of a recent project for Vassar Brothers Medical Center

  • Start of a new project; roof and 4 floors June 20th, 2011; the start of a new project: a roof and 4 floors. Today we are doing the roof and the other floors on separate days.

    • Five stories up overlooking the project and the Hudson River.Overlooking the project
  • Cransville Concrete reopened a plant only 1 mile away, just for this project. Cransville Concrete reopened 1 mile away for this project
    • Atlantic Testing labs on site to get the perfect test; no air, 4" slump, 76F At one of the job sites
  • Roof with 2 1/2in. of rain Unfortunately, the monsoons came with 40 mph wind and dumped 2 1/2 in on a corner.

    • Another Tote is gone. Only 200 gallons left to finish the Slab on Grade.200 gallons left to finish the slab on grade
    • It may be a while before this floor is ready. There is more to come. Stay tuned for more information.Unfinished floor with more to come

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    ph: 888.689.0193
    fax: 774.773.1696

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