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Client & Customer Services

We recognize the value of an outstanding customer service experience and we strive to offer that at every opportunity.


  • Concrete Services

    We offer portable dosing equipment and batch plant installation of product lines as volume dictates.  We offer sales consultation with your clients.  We have an experienced top quality QC man on our consultative staff for extreme challenges.



  • Training, Testing and Inspections

    We support all of our products with professional training, inspections and lab tests as required.  We also field test efficacy of product performance as required.  All of our internal services are performed at no charge.


“A man has got to know his limitations” ~Dirty Harry

When a solution is beyond our technical resources we are pleased to direct you to a specialized consultant that we have previous associations with and respect as a result of those experiences. 



We are happy to give you all the tools you need to create the specification to fulfill your project requirements.

On Friday February 5, 2010 we received a call from a Project in Albany, NY; a complex sodium silicate admixture had been specified but not yet delivered for the project that was happening the next day.  We were on the job at 7 AM Saturday with our product and back at the job Monday to spray on a densifying curing compound.

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ph: 888.689.0193
fax: 774.773.1696

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