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Concrete Solutions is a hybrid organization dedicated to bringing Environmentally Responsible, Best in Class, Best in Value solutions to the commercial construction industry through the medium of concrete.

Bart Bergsbaken has a family heritage in construction; Grampa built spec homes and was happy to employ free labor in the summers.

Concrete Solutions has a 27,000 sf environmentally controlled warehouse in upstate NY where manufacturing and stock storage take place.

Bart was a Mason in his salad days, when he could still see his shoes; he was a flat-finisher and block layer.  Bart went on to be involved with Environmental & Chemical companies, including being a leader in recycling hazardous components.  Bart’s life time of acquired knowledge is uniquely suited to the challenges provided by Concrete Solutions. 

Bart has been involved in the concrete industry for the last several years, as he developed the products and relationships that make this business valuable to you.

The name, Bergsbaken, means mountain farm in Norwegian, but that’s a story for another day…..


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ph: 888.689.0193
fax: 774.773.1696

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